A bundled offering

This course bundle is a premium upgrade to the Journey with Martha that adds personal consultations. Martha uses Ayurvedic tongue and face diagnosis, along with sophisticated at home monthly urine scans to review and give you updated custom guidance. Plus, get a custom-blended healing herbal Abhyanga oil delivered to you every month.

Your journey includes these bonuses

  • 12 Beautiful E-Books

    Beautiful course e-books that are yours to download and keep, including helpful guides and recipes.

  • Transformative Panchakarma Retreat

    As a graduation gift, Surya grants every student who completes the year long journey with Martha a FREE 1 day Panchakarma retreat at our luxury spa in Los Angeles. When You book your first 6 days of PK the 7th one is on us.

  • Preferred Member Discounts

    Enjoy a monthly %10 discount on all Surya products for an entire year while you are enrolled in the course.

In addition to your regular membership bonuses, your Enhanced Journey adds special healing tools.

  • Twice-monthly feedback from Martha working with the results of your urine scans, and the changes she observes on your tongue and face

  • Fasting Culture home urine scans for wellness screening.

  • A custom-blended healing herbal Abhyanga oil delivered to you every month, based on your evolving situation.

Pricing options

Your Journey Membership + Consultations are just $379/ month. Or you can save by purchasing the entire year-long journey.

Start your
journey of
learning & healing

Give yourself a year to learn how to use Ayurveda to heal and grow.


Ayurvedic Guru

Martha Soffer

Internationally acclaimed Ayurvedic Panchakarma expert, Ayurvedic Chef, Herbal Rasayanist, and master Ayurvedic Pulse diagnostician, Martha Soffer is the founder of Surya, the recognized leader of modern Ayurveda. Martha’s focus on “Ayurveda for Modern Life” is achieved through a system of practical and easy self-care, helping each individual attain balance and wellness through healing retreats, restorative beauty, wellness and food products, as well as educational guidance and support. Working to restore Ayurveda to its authentic, spiritual, and most effective roots, Martha is an innovator in making Ayurveda a viable modern and complementary system of wellness and health. A frequent guest on the CBS talk show “The Doctors,” Martha also works with MDs who refer patients when western medicine cannot deliver a satisfactory solution, and who often come themselves for seasonal treatments. Martha teaches and lectures, and is featured in publications such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, In Style, Allure, the L.A. Times, New York Magazine, and Goop. With the Surya team, Martha brings long-term vitality and health to clients who range from next-door neighbors to the top stars of the film and entertainment industries.


  • Can I cancel at any time?

    Of course! We understand life is a journey and we honor your path, wherever it takes you. You can cancel your membership at any time. Send an email to info@suryaspa.com and we can pause or end your membership subscription.

  • What if I miss classes, or can’t attend for a bit?

    You set the pace of your personal learning style and schedule. As long as your membership is current, you’ll have access to all the course materials whenever you want, so there’s no need to stress. The live Q & A sessions happen every month so you can always catch the next one. Of course, if you have any urgent issues or need help, you can always email us directly for support. Info@suryaspa.com will connect you to our support team of real live and understanding people who would love to help.

  • Will Ayurvedic medicine interfere with my current medical care or prescriptions? Do I need my doctor’s permission to practice Ayurveda at home?

    Most likely, your Ayurvedic journey will greatly benefit the other health goals you have. The practices and remedies you learn on your journey with Martha are designed to prevent disease and keep you well. The methods you will use are focused on balancing your diet and lifestyle and agree largely with what modern science has proven to be the healthiest way to live. Ayurveda enhances your body’s strength and resilience and increases its healing potential through small and gentle daily practices that add up to great transformation over time. These practices are very much aligned with the lifestyle choices that are generally recommended to prevent the need for medication and other interventions. While the principles of moderation and balance are universally supportive, if you have specific concerns you are welcome to inquire with our team by emailing us at info@suryaspa.com.