Yoga To Balance Your Doshas

The healing practice of Yoga resides under the umbrella of Ayurveda. In Ayurveda, yoga is in fact personally prescribed to help any aggravated dosha return to its proper balance. Surya’s Dosha Yoga flows include unique asanas, pranayama exercises, and self-marma. Over the course of three or six private yoga classes (either in-person or remotely), you will learn and easily master your personalized Surya Dosha Yoga flow with Surya’s lead Dosha Yoga instructor, Olivia Euritt, working with a Dosha Yoga flow custom-designed by Martha Soffer for your unique and evolving situation.

How it works

  • C O N S U L T A T I O N

    You begin your customized Dosha Yoga journey by sitting down (remotely for now!) with Martha, Ayurvedic guru, and founder of Surya. Your consultation with Martha ensures that your personalized yoga program will not only align with your body type, but will also remedy any current imbalances, and help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

  • P E R S O N A L I Z A T I O N

    Olivia will then create a specific Dosha Yoga practice that supports you in every way, and is, as they say, just what the doctor ordered.

  • W E L L N E S S

    Spending time with both Martha and Olivia will also help you learn the most important things that you specifically can do to support your wellness off the mat.

Book your consultation

Schedule time with Martha to develop your Dosha balancing yoga practice taught in a series of private sessions with Olivia.

Your instructors

Lead Yoga Instructor

Olivia Euritt

Originally from Illinois, Olivia discovered a love for dance at a young age, began a life of rigorous training, and attended USC’s Glorya Kaufman School of Dance as an inaugural member. While still in school, Olivia received her first Yoga Certification, then enriched her practice with Ayurveda before joining Surya. As the leader of Surya’s Dosha Yoga program, Olivia encourages her Dosha Yoga students to practice with sankalpa and breath, with an aim to rebalance in profound and meaningful ways that lead not only to a healthier body, but also to an open heart and expanded consciousness. Recently featured teaching Surya Dosha Yoga to the Sambazon corporation, Olivia’s greatest love is helping transformation happen, one student at a time…

Ayurvedic Guru

Martha Soffer

Martha Soffer is internationally acclaimed for her skills in Ayurvedic Panchakarma, Ayurvedic cuisine, as a herbal Rasayanist, and master of Ayurvedic Pulse diagnostics. Martha is the founder of Surya, the recognized leader of modern Ayurveda.

Martha’s “Ayurveda for Modern Life” focuses on a system of practical and easy self-care, helping each individual attain balance and wellness through healing retreats, restorative beauty, wellness and food products, as well as educational guidance and support. Working to restore Ayurveda to its authentically spiritual roots, Martha innovates to make Ayurveda a modern and complementary system of wellness and health.

A frequent guest on the CBS talk show “The Doctors,” Martha also works with MDs who refer patients when western medicine cannot deliver a satisfactory solution, and who often come themselves for seasonal treatments. Martha teaches and lectures, and is featured in publications such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, In Style, Allure, the L.A. Times, New York Magazine, and Goop. With the Surya team, Martha brings long-term vitality and health to clients who range from next-door neighbors to top stars of the film and entertainment industries.


Your first consultation is $185
Follow-up consultations are $85

A single private class is $150
A series of 3 private classes is $400
A series of 6 private classes is $850
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  • Why do I need a consultation first?

    Dosha Yoga is a personal program designed specifically for your body and lifestyle. A consultation helps properly assess your doshic balance and plan the safest and shortest path to your personal goals.

  • Are the sessions live or recorded?

    All your classes are live and private 1:1 sessions. Currently we are conducting classes via zoom meetings for your safety and convenience. Your class can be recorded for your future viewing, if you wish.

  • Why do I have to purchase sessions in a series of 3?

    Dosha Yoga is a growth based system: more than a specific style or dogma of fitness, it’s about helping your body evolve into and through a dynamic state of balance. It’s a personal process that requires more than one class.

  • How often should I do Dosha Yoga classes?

    Dosha Yoga is designed to help you bring modern Ayurveda into your life, and if you can make it a daily practice, even on your own, it can be life-changing. Your series schedule will be based on your goals and availability. Most people benefit from classes at least once a week for maintaining wellness and increasing their sessions per week to evolve through their goals.

  • What’s an Alignment Workshop? Who should do it?

    An Alignment Workshop is your chance to have another private yoga class that’s outside of your current series of dosha balancing flows. These Workshops are the same length of a class (around 45min) but instead of going through a flow of asanas, your teacher can work with you on specific points of improvement in your form and technique. It’s your time to develop the habits of safe alignment or the strength needed to get into and out of new or challenging poses more gracefully, or you can workshop on breathwork. Alignment Workshops are open to all Dosha Yoga students anytime you request one, or if your teacher recommends it.


An ideal yoga experience

Coco Alvarez-Mena

Olivia’s soothing quality and motivational words make for an ideal Dosha Yoga experience. She is knowledgeable, kind, encouraging, and challenging. After my class, I can’t help but feel restored and stronger than before - both mentally and physically. She brings with her a sense of calmness that allows me to feel relaxed, supported, and ready to work, and she helps her yogis be the best version of themselves.

Classes that were equally meditative as they were athletic

Maria Beaton

In Olivia's Dosha Yoga sessions, both virtually and in person, she has my attention. I practiced yoga for 4 years before her, and her session are both challenging and restorative. What’s most interesting, is that they’re specifically designed for me. I appreciate her deep understanding of Ayurveda and the mind-body connection, and this knowledge allows her to offer classes as meditative as they are athletic. She has great skill in focusing on her client’s unique needs, and strengths. I am able to receive poignant suggestions, as well as helpful hands-on adjustments in every session I take. She succeeds in creating a meaningful connection, and with her soothing and encouraging teaching approach, she helps me realize a deeper yoga practice.

Olivia's energy is rooted in acceptance

Molly Goldberg

Olivia's energy is rooted in acceptance. She provides a safe space of non judgment, empathy, and authenticity. Her Dosha Yoga flows allow me to get in touch with my creative side. She’s such an incredible yoga instructor. I would highly recommend connecting with Olivia if you’re in need of any kind of healing.

Intuitively aware of her students

Rose Massa

I’ve taken many Dosha Yoga classes with Olivia over the last year and a half - both in-person and virtually. She is a fantastic instructor, meeting me where I am in my yoga practice, and never failing to guide. She leads with compassion and care, intuitively aware of my needs. I’ve always been most impressed by her ability to verbalize poses and flows that are new to me. Even as a beginner yogi, she makes me feel at ease trying something new. When leaving yoga with Olivia, I feel grounded, renewed, and strong. She’s the best of the best, and I look forward to continuing my journey with her!